Monday, April 30, 2012

Citizenship and Humanity

It recently occurred to me that it is really strange that some of the same people that claim, or accept, that corporations are legally people do not consider illegal immigrants as people.

Some of them don't even seem to accept anyone that doesn't fit their own close-minded idea of human as people. Wrong religion, wrong political party, no religion, wrong color skin, dress wrong, talk funny (or speak funny, depending on your viewpoint).

But corporations are people. I guess I'm just really strange because I don't think corporations are people, and should not be legally considered as such. But I do think that if you are a biped that can think and communicate abstract thoughts, in other words are human, then you are a person. You are people. Corporations are not. People have human rights, civil rights. Corporations should have corporate taxes, not civil rights.

And that is my thought for today. I might have another thought sometime in the near future.

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