Thursday, April 22, 2010

Arizona Government Idiocy

It's just one thing after another with this administration in Arizona.

The latest stupid thing is HB 2441, which the House passed. This piece of crap would require the political party committee for a Presidential Candidate to prove the candidate meets the U.S. Constitutional requirements for President of the U.S. before he/she can be listed on the ballot. Even then, the Arizona Secretary of State can still has the power to decide whether, or not, they are put on the ballot.

Huh? If this is allowed it could mean that any candidate for President will have to prove to every State, individually, that they are qualified.

The correct way to go about this would be to request a U.S. Constitutional Amendment that specifies how to, and who is responsible to, certify a person's qualifications for President.

Meanwhile, just do like was done prior to the last election, challenge the candidate to produce the proof if you have doubts.

Obama was challenged to produce his birth certificate, and he did so, you can see an authenticated copy here.

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