Tuesday, August 25, 2009


I have four holes in the side of my house. They were put there by a woodpecker, or by woodpeckers.

One hole is getting pretty big. And the pecking is more like loud knocking in my bedroom and bathroom. Wakes me up real quick.

I know it is a woodpecker because when it's making that god-awful racket I have gone around there and as soon as I clear the corner of the house it flies away. Last time it flew to a telephone pole and latched onto that.

I am going to buy me a BB gun, BB/Pellet gun or a slingshot (slingshot is cheapest) and use that bird for target practice. Slingshot is probably safer, considering there are other houses and people around here.

I might just decide to do some rabbit hunting with it, although one of the guns would probably be better for that, rabbits are fast. Rabbit stew, yum.

I have once again been awake all night, unintentionally. Found out the template I was using for this blog didn't support the 'Read more...' function so had to replace it and modify the new one to work like I want it. Reinstall most of the widgets, resize the template & text, change colors, etc.

Brandi (my biggest dog) is getting anxious this morning. She has way too much energy for a geezer like me. It's starting to get light outside so I'll take them for a walk shortly so she can burn a little of the energy off. They both need to lose a few pounds, anyway.


  1. you could get a rubber snake, one of those fake ones and hang on the side of your house the woodpecker seems to always go to and it should stop the woodpecker from coming around

  2. Thanks Shawn. I'll try that. Sorry about not responding earlier. Now that I have this site interfaced with Disqus I think I'll get emails when someone comments so I won't miss them.