Thursday, August 20, 2009

Health Care Reform

What is up with the Republican Senators & Representatives? It seems that most of them don't want health care reform.

Wake up people. Our current health care system is broken. Apparently there is no way to fix it. So get rid of it and replace it with another system. If that one doesn't work then it can be replaced again.

Some people claim that health care is not a right. Neither are streets, roads and highways. But we pay taxes and have the government take care of them because if we each had to pay for only what we used most of us could not afford it and the logistics of figuring out who pays what would be a nightmare. Just like our current health care system, a nightmare.

It doesn't matter if it's a right or not. What matters is that the current system is grossly inefficient, leaves a lot of people without proper health care and it costs too much.

I propose, as others already have, that we do away with the health insurance industry completely and replace it with a government run system based on the Veterans Administration health care system.

The V.A. health care system is very efficient and provides very good health care to a lot of veterans. The problems we hear about the V.A. health care is the approval process. In a national health care system the approval process for U.S. citizens would be very easy. Are you a citizen? Yes, you get health care. Are you not a citizen, but are working in the U.S. legally? Yes, you get health care. Are you here illegally? Yes, you do not get health care. This last one is the only one that would normally cause any problems.

Why is it that our roads are important enough to have the government take care of them but our health is not?


  1. Dad, this is a really good idea. It's a shame that I haven't heard of a solution like this until now. Maybe you should write a letter to Obama. :)

  2. I've heard this solution many times. It's been mentioned officially and rejected already. Too many people think it's the government taking over.