Sunday, April 8, 2012

In My Head

Since I can not seem to finish a story, even though I am constantly coming up with great ideas, I have decided to simply tell what happens inside my brain. I know some of my readers (?) would like to know.

I will start with something I remember from yesterday. I can't remember most of what I thought today because there was way to many things that zipped through for me to remember them all. So all you get to enjoy are the highlights, well maybe not the highlights, just what I can remember.

At least once yesterday I thought I should just stop paying on the house mortgage, start saving most of the money that is used for the mortage so I can buy a travel trailer to tow behind my pickup truck, and just live here until they foreclose and evict me. This decision is made at least once each day when the money gets really short, which is almost every day.

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