Wednesday, January 26, 2011

We Are Losing Our Z

I am seeing it in more words every day, it seems. The Z in the English language is being replaced with S.

First, I noticed it in the word 'organization', now spelled 'organisation' in all the places I see it (except in the Dictionary, where it's still 'organization').

Then 'civilization', now spelled 'civilisation' (except in the dictionary).

I noticed it with another word a few weeks ago but cannot remember the word now, just that I saw it with S instead of Z.

Tonight I saw the word 'characterized' spelled as 'characterised'.

Okay, now I know that spelling these words with an S instead of a Z is the way it is done in the UK. And the dictionary shows that as the alternate spelling for the UK. However, I keep seeing it done by U.S. Americans now.

If this trend keeps up the English language will have one less letter (Z) in the alphabet.

Let's keep our Zs! Stand up for what's right and proper!

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