Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Religious Mind Stealers

10/31/2010 Sunday

Beware the religious mind-stealers. They will insinuate their god into your brain through you left ear so it connects with the emotional right side of your brain, attempting to bypass the logical, rational left side.

My mind is becoming mush. My brain is softening, will possibly start melting and running out of my ears soon. I am currently unable to make important decisions. Luckily, I have someone I can trust, that has helped me in the past, to make the important decisions while assisting me in getting the help I need.

A selfish, evil god has attempted to slip into my head to interfer with the electrochemical operations of my neuronal synapses. Luckily I evaded it so do not need an exorcism to get it out. This is a god of one of the christian sects that pervades our society.

Maybe I need a spirit helper. At least I will know that is only a part of my own thinking process that I will be able to get independent advise from. Kinda schizophrenic, I know, but better than insanity or death.

Actually, I have managed to reject that vengeful, murderous god, but the cost has been great. I will recover from the battle, with help from my true friends.

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