Monday, August 3, 2009

Spider and TV

I saw a small spot on the TV screen today so I went over to wipe it off so I didn't have to watch TV with the spot on the screen.

When I got close enough I saw it was a small spider. I reached out to the screen and tried to wipe the spider away.

The spider ran down the screen after my hand passed over it. I never felt the spider and it acted like I had not touched it, just scared it.

On closer visual inspection I realized it looked similar to one of the programmed spiders I have seen on computer monitors. But it reacted to the presence of my hand and it was on a tv screen, not a computer monitor.

Confused at first I took a few seconds to think about it and realized that since the tv is a projection type tv the spider must be in the screen, not on the outside.

So I watched for several hours with the spider right up in the screen like a black spot in the picture.

I sure hope the spider decides to live somewhere else before I watch tv again.

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